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Laravel 5 : Learn Easy

Laravel 5 Learn EasyFrom the New File Structure to Method Injection, Everything Explained (Sanjib Sinha).

Web Programming Simplified Series
This series is, basically, meant for the beginners who just want to make their hands dirty with codes and try to be a good web programmer! Intermediate and Advanced web programmers may find some parts thought provoking

Prologue to Laravel 5.2
Well, this will be a fairly good repetition if I am going to tell you, what Laravel is! Even if you are a beginner, you have already heard about what Laravel is – an ubiquitous and omnipresent intelligent PHP framework which has stormed the PHP world with a lot of modular varieties in its code repositories.
At a glance Laravel 5 Onwards
Laravel : An MVC Framework
MVC = Model-View-Controller
Software structure with emphasize on Modularity
Model : Application Data and Function
View : Representation of Output, e.g. HTML
Controller : Interacts with user, model and view

It has traversed a fairly long way in a very short period of time and won PHP developer’s hearts with one after another strong blows.

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