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A Quick Guide to Yoga

There are people who have shared why they avert doing their yoga exercises. It’s because when they do the exercise, they feel pain in certain parts of their body or when they feel a little sick. Sometimes, they don’t like the placing and are uncomfortable with the exercise. However, the yoga experience is a definite pleasure for the mind and the body, being the best medicine compared to others. Yogic science has been known to not only heal physical being of a person but also the mental capacity.

Learning yoga would enable you to avoid imbalances in life, treat the root reasons of suffering and relieve pains in all level of understanding.

Here are some of the reasons why Yoga is good for you:
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1. Through the various types of exercises and asanas, eventually the muscles in the body would gain length and fluidity, increasing the level of flexibility of the body. The first few times would be stiff and inflexible, but later on your body would be more free and open with the addition of your posture improving. Yoga teaches you how to maximize and increase balance throughout the body and mind while maintaining body flexibility, making sure that the negative energies are release and stress is blocked out from your body.
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2. Doing Yoga rigorously and consistently strengthens the mind and body. This makes your muscles slimmer, physically stronger and longer, and of course, enables you to feel good about yourself. Through the Yoga asana practices and exercises, you’d be more patient while withholding the minor strains of the routine, and later developing your inner strength and stamina.

3. Some of the signs of mental anxiety and stress are tension and stiffness, but one of the best things to do to extricate it from the body system is by doing stretching and breathing exercises. Scientific studies have established that the “cortisol” levels or stress hormones are minimized because of Yoga exercises. It is also known as the assistant in reducing the heart rate and blood pressure, as well as slowing down the symptoms of insomnia, weakness, anxiety and depression.

Are you doubting you concentration level or do you find it hard to try to “live in the moment”? Mindfulness is basically the presence and consciousness of a person, attentiveness and awareness of the surroundings, as well as the body and mind. When you have the time to slow down and be more relaxed, the mind will stress-free and less busy.

When you are doing Yoga routines, you are toughening the link of the two components of your being – mind and body – thus, you will be aware of the effects happening in your body and vice versa. And lastly your inner instinct and perception will be better than before when continuously doing the Yoga exercises.